Why You Should Have Some Survival Kits

What would happen to you if a natural disaster struck nearby? Are you prepared for a hurricane, fire, earthquake or a flood? If not, it is time to put together some survival kits you can keep at home. Putting together a kit is not very hard and you will be glad you prepared a kit in case you ever have to use it. Go over the following article if you need help with preparing your survival kit.

You can easily find survival kits in stores on the Internet. Price vary in function of what is included in the kit but it is usually a lot more affordable to build your own kit. Besides, the kits you buy might not correspond to your needs. Build your survival kit little by little. Start by finding a container you can use to store your supplies.

Your survival kit should include some first aid supplies. You can find all the first aid supplies you need at your local drugstore. Grab a lot of bandages, band aids and gauze. Add a large bottle of alcohol so you can easily disinfect a wound. You will also need some medical tweezers, a surgical scalpel, a suture kit, some aspirin and some oxytetracycline tablets to fight infections.

Water is absolutely essential. You should keep some distilled water in a few containers and some heavy duty aluminium foil so you can build a distillation tube in case you need to purify water. Add some water purification tablets you can use to clean rain water. If you have a house, build a rain barrel so you can gather your own water supply in case the running water system does not work anymore.

Your survival kit should include a few items you can use to build a shelter or at least stay warm. It is usually safer to stay in your home in case of a disaster but you need to be prepared for serious damages to your home too. Find a good survival blanket you can use to retain body heat and invest in a small tube tent. Some waterproof matches or fire-starters will come in handy too. If you can afford to, get a catalytic heater.

Canned food is very important. You should have boxes of canned goods at home. Canned goods never go bad and they can easily be heated if you have a small catalytic heater or supplies to start a fire. You should also keep salt in a container. Salt is an essential mineral that helps you avoid dehydration in case you suffer from diarrhea. Salt also helps you fight illnesses such as cholera. This mineral will come in handy in case you have to survive on your canned goods for a long time.

You should add some items you can use to signal your position to rescuers. You will need a lot of batteries and some heavy duty flashlights. Laser lights are a good thing to have too since they can be seen from miles around. A whistle and a signal mirror can be helpful too. Do not forget to add some paper and a pen so you can write notes for rescuers in case you have to leave your home. A flare gun and some flares will help you signal your location in case you are in danger.

Put together a collection of useful tools. Try finding a folding saw you can use to cut small trees. Make sure you have a quality can opener for your canned food. A knife is an excellent tool to have and you should also add some fishing gear to your toolbox so you can catch your own food. Needles and heavy duty thread will come in useful in case you have to repair your clothing or your tent. Make sure you know how to use all these tools and practice as much as you can.

Start gathering these different items for your survival kit. Keep all your items in a box or in a backpack so you can easily carry your survival kit in case you have to leave your home. Do not hesitate to add items as you learn more about survival skills.