Wilderness Survival Tips

Spending time outdoors camping or hiking can be a lot of fun. However, all the excitement can turn out to be a fight for survival if you got lost. When such a disaster strikes, it is important that you stay focused in order to survive in the wildness. Here are a few tips to help through such rough and tough situations.

Tips To Help You Survive In The Wilderness.

1. Start By Building A Shelter.

If you want to survive in the wilderness long enough until a rescue time finds you, then you might want to start by building a shelter. Do not waste much of your time finding a way out of the wilderness if it has started getting late. Use that time to build a shelter for yourself. Moreover, make sure that you build a shelter in a safe place that cannot get flooded or disturbed by wild animals.

2. Keep Yourself Warm.

Keeping warm is important if you do not want to end up getting a cold and the best way to do this is to light a fire. Besides lighting a fire, make sure that you put on enough clothes to stay warm during the night. If you are not stranded alone in the wilderness, you can cuddle each other to keep the body warm.

3. Look For A Knife Or Something You Can Use As A Knife.

If the wilderness there are a number of tools you cannot survive with and a knife is one of them. That is because a knife is used to prepare food and also to cut branches when looking for a way. Therefore, it is important that you look for a knife or a shape tool that can work in a similar way. Besides cutting branches and preparing food, you can also use this tool for hunting.

4. Make A Compass.

If you want to find your way out of the wilderness or survive for longer, then it is advisable that you make a compass using a needle, a leaf, and water. All you have to do is pour water in a glass and place the leaf. After that, magnetize one end of the needle before placing it on top of the leaf. You can do this by rubbing the needle on your clothes multiple times and then place it on the leaf. The side, which you magnetize will point to the north and the other end to the south.

5. Look For Food And Clean Water.

You cannot survive in the wilderness without eating. Because of this reason, it is important that you find a source of clean water. If there is no clean water nearby, make sure that you boil any water that you get before consuming. Moreover, you can also try to create a water source by collecting dew or rainwater.

Another option is to place plastic bags on tree branches to catch the sweat drops that the leaves produce during leaf perspiration process. As for food, try to ration the small amount of food you have so that it can sustain you for a day or two.

It is also advisable that you try to hunt wild animals and if it is too challenging for you, then you can feast on worms, insects, small bugs and larvae, which are known to have lots of protein. Furthermore, they are easy to find since they usually hide under rocks and in dark places. Do not try to eat plants, which you are not sure off because some may turn out to be poisonous.

6. First Aid Is Essential.

Knowing how to perform first aid is essential if you want to survive in the wilderness. Even if you do not have any kind of medical experience, learn how to treat small cuts and also stop bleeding of deep wounds. This will help you survive for longer knowing that you cannot get infected in case you got cut or bleed to death in case you get a serious injury.


Surviving in the wilderness is not easy, especially if you are used to sitting indoors and never engage in outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. However, with the help of these tips, you can be sure to survive in the wilderness for as long as a rescue team can take, to find you.

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